Jan Raitt, who heads up the team, outlines what they can offer…

Some years ago, the decision was taken to do away with the outdated practice of Elders visiting all the members of the congregation. At that time, the Pastoral Team was set up to help the Ministerial team with visits to the older folk in our congregation and to those who may welcome a little extra support or friendship.

When I set about writing this article, it occurred to me that “pastoral” is not exactly an everyday term.  It is defined as:

  1. (of land) used for the keeping or grazing of sheep or cattle.

          “scattered pastoral farms”

  1. (in the Christian Church) concerning or appropriate to the giving of spiritual guidance.

         “pastoral and doctrinal issues”

Neither of the definitions reflects what we do!  Indeed, folk might be understandably concerned to be offered a pastoral visit if they thought it had something do with grazing sheep or doctrine.

We simply offer friendship.  We also distribute Harvest, Christmas and Easter gifts on behalf of the congregation so that those who can no longer get to the Kirk know that they are not forgotten.

If you or some-one you know would like a visit from the team, please contact the Kirk Office in the first place on 0131 225 1900.

If you would like to volunteer as one of the visitors, or would like more information then please contact Jan Raitt on 0131 447 5345 or email Jan at the.raitts@virgin.net