This week, our minister, the Rev Dr Richard Frazer, is attending the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches and was part of a beautiful peace prayer along the Danube. An excerpt of that prayer is below, with links to the full prayer as well as an outline of the walk by the assembly staff.

All embracing God, Provider Supreme, author of time and space.
We honour you, who cradles the Universe as a mother cradles her child.
You set the stars on their course and have created this blue green gem of the earth, which is our home and our sanctuary. You have filled the earth with majestic mountains, fertile plains and nourishing rivers. We rejoice to live in this garden of your creating.
You fill our mouths with laughter and our tongues with singing and we honour you for the many blessings we receive, but admit that we have done great harm to your creation and have failed to live up to our calling to tend and serve.

So, we pray now for the world that you saw was good and that we have exploited.
For the seas littered with plastic
For rivers choked with waste
For habitats spoiled
For species lost and under threat
For people dispossessed, denied clean air, fresh water and productive land
We ask for your blessing upon the earth, on all of life and upon our fellow human beings who struggle to know life in all its fullness. And we ask for the courage to change our hearts and live in such a way that the whole earth community might flourish.
Lord, in your mercy;
Hear our prayer.

Full Text of Peace Prayer

Article- Building bridges of peace and friendship: General Assembly joins in peace prayer on the Danube

What is CEC General Assembly?
The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Conference of European Churches that makes important decisions and sets the future directions for CEC’s work.

This year, CEC General Assembly is taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, bringing together representatives of churches, ecumenical and partner organisations from across Europe.

The General Assembly is hosted by CEC Member Churches in Serbia, including the Serbian Orthodox Church and churches in the Vojvodina region, Reformed Christian Church in Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Serbia and United Methodist Church in Serbia.