Within the Church of Scotland, we are fortunate to have missions partners throughout the world.

One such partner is John McCullouch, who serves and works in the Middle East, primarily in Israeli and Palestinian regions. His latest partner letter focuses on the work of an Israeli organisation (PHRI) that provides healthcare across the occupied Palestinian territories. This piece is an excellent window into how practical solutions and partnerships have brought medical care to areas which otherwise would have little to no access to these essential services. Click here to read the full report.

A quote from the report…

If justice and peace are ever to have a chance of taking root in this conflicted land, it will be in large measure because of people and organisations on the ground, who are prepared to reach out across the divisions, reminding us that our common humanity means that we must never dehumanise the other, but see them through the eyes of dignity. We cannot sit silently by, intimidated by the structural injustice that continues to blight the lives of so many, but must do all we can to work and advocate for a better world.