Within the Church of Scotland, we are fortunate to have missions partners throughout the world.

One such partner is John McCullouch, who serves and works in the Middle East, primarily in Israeli and Palestinian regions. His latest partner letter reflects upon the Advent experience in Gaza. Click here to read more.

A quote from the report…

As we made our way through security, I handed my passport to an Israeli official I have gotten to know a little over the last year and a half, as she has happened to be on duty several times when we have been through the Erez Crossing. She smiled at me, and asked how our trip into Gaza had been. They know that The Church of Scotland visits the Christian communities of Gaza, and supports the work of the Near East Council of Churches who provide medical care, vocational training, psychosocial support for children and a whole range of other vital community support initiatives. I replied, ‘the trip went well thank you, how are you?’. She then said ‘It is good what you are doing. We are all human beings’. I was struck at her warmth, her humanity. It reminded me that we must never fall into the trap of dehumanising people here, regardless of which ‘side’ they happen to be on in this deeply asymmetrical and intractable conflict. It reminded me of how as individuals we get caught up in the systems of an unjust world. We are participants in the structural injustice of a world where power, wealth and inequality are propped up through military might that ensures that these structures do not change.