Within the Church of Scotland, we are fortunate to have missions partners throughout the world.

One such partner is John McCullouch, who serves and works in the Middle East, primarily in Israeli and Palestinian regions. His latest partner letter reflects upon the season of Epiphany in the Middle East. Click here to read more.

A quote from the report…

We are called to be a church of Matthew 5 & 25, which follows in the footsteps of Christ, standing with all who are marginalised, occupied, crushed, put-down and considered weak and insignificant, in a world intoxicated by cravings for power, wealth and success. May we be such communities, both here in the Holy Land and back in Scotland. May we not give
up, but complete the task we have been entrusted with. Martin Luther King Jr once said that hope was defined ‘as the final refusal to give up’. May we not lose hope, for God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.