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a lovely photo of the interior of Greyfriars Kirk, lit up in colours of the sunset through the stained glass windows

Greyfriars Tartan being handed over to delegates from the Chinese government by our First Minister. (11 April 2018) The Greyfriars tartan was designed by Paul Moffat and Richard Frazer. Each colour has a meaning. Brown – Greyfriars Kirk sits in the garden of the medieval Franciscan friary. The colour of the habit of the Greyfriars…

tour guide showing visitors around the kirk

Do you have a friendly and welcoming manner, good communication and interpersonal skills, and an interest in history? Serving as a volunteer Welcomer may be for you!

The most recent edition of our quarterly magazine is available online here: Spring 2018 Paper and/or large print copies are available upon request from the Kirk office.