Nurturing the Kirk and its preservation for posterity

Greyfriars Foundation is a registered charity and was formed in 2013 as the successor to the Friends of Greyfriars. In the past, the Friends was made-up of a large number of individuals who helped the Kirk by raising funds for specific projects for the Kirk and Kirkyard. Today, the main objectives of the Friends/Foundation fundraising effort are to assist with the adornment of furnishings, beautifying of the Kirk and surroundings, research into the history of the Kirk, promotion of artistic and educational activities.

Over recent years the Foundation’s work has continued apace. During the past 5 years, it has contributed towards the enhancement of lighting in the Kirkyard, a replacement sound system, organ console screen, outside plant troughs and a communion table. The Foundation also contributed to the success of the Kirk’s 2015 25th anniversary of the instalment of the Collins organ and SPARK festival of music.

A copy of the Foundation’s Constitution is here. The Foundation is made up of 6 active trustees including the Minister. The trustees meet once or twice a year to review and discuss project proposals.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing member and trustee of the Foundation, please email the Kirk office here. Please make reference to your interest in local and national history, conservation and the arts. Examples of fundraising, projects or work connected with the foregoing that you have undertaken would be an advantage.

If you are interested in contributing a monetary sum to the Foundation, please complete the form here. If you are a UK taxpayer we will be able to recover 25% tax from HRMC.


Recent Projects Funded by the Greyfriars Foundation

view of latest Kirk projects funded by the foundation



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