Dear Friends,

In the light of the advice we have received, we have taken a decision this morning to suspend all formal worship services in Greyfriars until further notice.

We are in the midst of a time of deep uncertainty and trauma on a global scale. But we are people of hope and the one whom we follow has promised to be a refuge and a strength to us – a high tower in times of trouble.

We may not be able to reach out our hands to one another at this time, but we can open our hearts. At this unprecedented time, we are implementing a number of initiatives to continue to offer support to people in our three locations, at Greyfriars Kirk, the Grassmarket Community Project and the Greyfriars Charteris Centre, and anyone else in our community.

Here is what we are planning:

·         We are setting up a list of people whom we will stay in touch with by telephone, email and on social media. The plan will be to keep in touch with one another on a regular basis. If you would like to be added to that list, then just get in touch

·         If you would like to be a ‘telephone friend’, and if you would be prepared to volunteer to do things like deliver groceries or pick up prescriptions, please let us know

·         We will, as far as we can, make the church available for people to come and pray safely. Currently, the plan is for the church to be open between 12noon and 1pm on Thursdays and 11am – 12 noon on Sundays

·         We will produce a regular bulletin of news and information to keep you updated with information about activities and developments

·         We will produce a series of worship events online, with prayers, readings and times for reflection to enable the whole community to stay in touch and feel supported as well as spiritually nourished

Our Christian faith reminds us that life is filled with tragedy and moments of deep loss. Indeed, this is the lived reality of the one who is at the centre of our faith, Jesus of Nazareth. This global pandemic is a moment when we remember the fragility of all our lives, and that tragedy is never far away.

Our Christian faith is about grace, kindness, humanity and compassion at work in the midst of catastrophe, indeed made the stronger through disaster, that is the message of the Cross. This is what makes us truly human and fully alive, this is the ground of our hope. And this is the message we need to hear at this moment of grave anxiety and fear.

With prayers for you all

Richard Frazer, Minister of Greyfriars and Chair of Grassmarket Community Project and Greyfriars Charteris Centre


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