Loyalty, courage, dedication - stories & scultpure inspired by a faithful wee dog

WELCOME! watch this introduction to the Lockdown Bobby Project with Rev Richard Frazer & sculptor Mark Coreth. Scroll down for the webcast tutorials or check out the Greyfriars Kirk YouTube channel.


Have fun making your own Lockdown Bobby, while helping to promote art for everyone and raise awareness of a great cause! You can get started with any type of plasticine with the first tutorial, and learn about different materials.

To find out what you will need to buy to join in and a bit more about the weekly webcasts, please see this wee WELCOME LETTER (Materials & Webcast Info) from our community. Sculptures have been designed to use affordable, accessible materials (the suggested option for all three comes to a little under £15 plus delivery). You can have fun choosing options and deciding what you would like to learn. We hope, if you are able, you will enjoy all three!


The idea for the “Lockdown Bobby” project came to Greyfriars’ Rev Richard Frazer and sculptor Mark Coreth as they struck up a new online friendship during lockdown. In a normal year, thousands enjoy the story of the little dog by visiting the famous sculpture and Greyfriars Kirk. Mark explains, “The Greyfriars Bobby story is remarkable. It is a story that talks of loyalty, courage, dedication, respect, selflessness and kindness. It is a story not just of a small dog, but also of a community of people who came together around those lessons through compassion and sympathy for the animal.”

Art, including sculpture, is something that we can enjoy ourselves, both by making and experiencing art works. It is also used to communicate with others and bring us together around an idea, a common theme. Making and enjoying art is something that should be open to everyone, whatever our background, experience or circumstance. 

The Grassmarket Community Project, set up by Greyfriars Kirk ten years ago, supports many of Edinburgh’s most vulnerable citizens. Through social enterprise and a varied free activities programme, the Project creates opportunities for education, learning and mentoring. It is a welcoming place in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, where everyone can belong. Through the Lockdown Bobby project, Richard and Mark hope to raise awareness of the importance of inclusive communities for us all and how we can help to tackle social injustice, poverty and inequality in small or large ways, through engaging in communities like the Grassmarket Community Project.

Mark believes that sculpture is something almost anyone can try. Richard and members of the Grassmarket Community Project will be giving it a go. We hope you will join us to learn together and have some fun, inspired by Mark and the story of Greyfriars Bobby.


Mark will show us, in a series of short webcasts (with subtitles included), how to make some simple sculptural elements and provide tips to help us enjoy learning how to sculpt. Available on Greyfriars Kirk’s YouTube channel starting from 2pm on Monday 6 July (then Monday 13 and Monday 20 July). Join us then or enjoy them after, in any order! 

WEEK ONE: learn about different materials and watch Mark to get started. 

In week one, talks about various different modelling materials and makes a wee dog using children’s plasticine. Plasticine comes in a variety of forms. Warm up firmer types with a little kneading.

WEEK TWO: learn how to make a simple armature (framework)

For weeks two and three, you might like to check out these additional Lockdown Bobby Armature Diagram & Measurements notes. Mark will be easing us in with some simple steps first, to get us on our way!

WEEK THREE: using armature wire and more modelling tips

Also check out the online gallery below, and send us your photos and stories.


Click on the photo to check out the Lockdown Bobby Flickr gallery – we love dogs – hello from Greyfriars – more about Mark – see some sculptures:

Send us your photos and stories, so we can create a great online community gallery to enjoy. Email: coordinator@greyfriarskirk.com or share with us on social media.

Greyfriars Kirk will have an exhibition during 2021 (the Kirk’s 400th year!) to celebrate the sculptures and the fun we have learning to make these, some of the stories shared in online communities during lockdown, and the difference we can all make as a friend of communities like the Grassmarket Community Project, supporting action on poverty, inequality and social injustice, all inspired by the humble story of a wee Scottish dog.

If you’re happy for us to include your work, so we can put on a really fun exhibition and continue to raise awareness, please get in touch: coordinator@greyfriarskirk.com. However simple or fancy, whether you are a beginner or more experienced artist, in Edinburgh or far across the world, we would love to include as many as we can in some way to celebrate diversity and art for everyone.


Tell your friends! We really hope that this project will mean many people enjoy learning to sculpt, whilst helping a great cause, and having fun!

Here are links for further information to explore about the GCP, sculptor Mark Coreth and some of the friends that helped this wee project on its way:

Find out more about Mark sculpting in the wild and Sladmore Gallery

Find out  more about the Grassmarket Community Project

Read a bit more: Join Greyfriars Kirk for Lockdown Bobby Project!

Our thanks to the Church of Scotland in helping us with this project.