Services for a special occasion

Special Services

Greyfriars Kirk is quite a strong part of the community and among other things, one of our focuses the conduction of special services which strengthen our faith.

In Greyfriars Kirk, we provide the following special services:  Marriages; Renewals; Blessings; Funerals; Memorials; and Baptisms.

School Services

There is a strong connection between ourselves and George Heriot’s School – indeed, one of their school’s houses is named “Greyfriars” – and we are delighted to host primary and secondary pupils several times a year for their school services.

Most importantly, we host the school for their annual Founders Day Service, as well as additional Christmas and Easter services.

The Pet Blessing

Our annual Pet Blessing is one of our most popular services all year! One Sunday in October, Greyfriars opens up its doors to those of a furry, feathered or fluffy persuasion, and conducts a service of blessing for the animals in our lives – how they enhance our days, how they give so much and ask so little, and how they love unconditionally. The service has special significance because of Greyfriars Bobby, and the Skye terrier club feature prominently!

It is important to consider, however, whether your pet would be comfortable at such a busy service before attending – and we do require all animals to be on a lead or in a carrier of some kind.

The 2020 Pet Blessing Service will be Sunday the 4th of October.

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