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Ecumenical Partnerships

At a service in Greyfriars Kirkyard at Pentecost 2002, the congregations of our three churches of Greyfriars Kirk (Church of Scotland), St. Columba’s by the Castle (Scottish Episcopal Church) and Augustine United Church (United Reformed Church) signed a covenant committing ourselves to worship and study together as we work to establish a united, positive, progressive Christian presence in the centre of Edinburgh.

We are members of Edinburgh Churches Together and Action of Churches Together in Scotland, and in 2006 we were recognized as a Local Ecumenical Partnership by the Scottish Churches National Sponsoring Body, under the name The Local Church. Joint services and activities take place in Holy Week and throughout the year. A Steering Group meets regularly to foster communication and collaboration among our three churches and to plan shared activities and projects. Representatives from each of the three churches serve on the Steering Group, along with representatives of the Grassmarket Mission and the Mental Health Chaplaincy.

The Covenant

An Ecumenical Covenant affirmed by the Churches of Augustine United, Greyfriars Kirk and St. Columba’s by-the-Castle, Edinburgh.

We are united in Christian faith. We believe in one God in whose love we pray, celebrate and worship together.
We are all special. We rejoice in our individual strengths and seek to learn positively from our respective traditions.
Focusing on the love which binds us together, we pledge to continue to develop our worship, study and work together.
We serve the same community and encounter the same problems. We commit ourselves to work together to establish a united and positive Christian presence in the centre of Edinburgh. We will respond to the challenges of the future with determination.
We look forward, with enthusiasm, to this journey together. We pray that others will join us in this vision. We will praise God, our guide, in all our life’s work together.
May God grant us grace, Jesus Christ insight and the Holy Spirit strength to grow in this shared covenant.


Augustine United Church

The Augustine Church community began in 1802. For over 200 years the building and community have changed and evolved as we have sought to live out our calling as a community of followers of Jesus. In the 21st Century, Augustine United Church is a progressive and inclusive Christian community-based in the heart of Edinburgh city centre and a member of the United Reformed Church.

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St. Columba’s By the Castle

St. Columba’s is a progressive congregation worshipping in a mid-19th century Victorian Church located just off the Royal Mile in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old town. St. Columba’s is a gathered community, drawing people from throughout the city. It is a community that in many ways reflects the richness, vitality and diversity of Edinburgh. The people gathered in St. Columba’s take worship very seriously without being stuffy or precious. A relaxed and informal atmosphere somehow co-exists with a deep sense of reverence before the mystery of God. There is robust singing, fervent praying and intelligent preaching.

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